Instagram Threads Notifications Not Working 2023 [Quick Fix]

Are you annoyed with Instagram Threads Notifications Not Working issues? Fix all issues, to stay connected with your followers. We’ll look at some points in this article to get your Instagram Threads notifications working normally again.

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How Can I Fix Instagram Threads Notifications Not Working Problem?

Instagram Threads Notifications Not Working

If your IG Threads notifications not working, there are several reasons for this issue. Here are some common steps to help you resolve the problem:

Check Notification Settings

Make sure that notifications are enabled for Instagram Threads on your device. If your IG threads Notifications are disabled. Notifications not working on IG Threads until you give the required permissions to the app. To allow the permission for notification setting follow below mentioned points.

  • Move to your phone Settings and Click Apps.
  • Search for Instagram and Click Notifications.
  • Turn on the Show Notifications button.

Check Phone Settings

Verify that your phone’s “Do Not Disturb” mode is turned off, as it may block notifications from coming. Also, check if your phone’s Airplane Mode is turned on and then turned it off.

Clear IG Threads Cache

Clear IG threads cache may also solve your Instagram thread notification not working problem. Follow the below-given steps to clear your phone cache:

  • Move to Settings. 
  • Search for Storage.
  • Tap on Apps and search for Instagram Threads.
  • Select Clear Cache.

 After following the above-mentioned steps. All unnecessary files from your phone will be removed successfully.

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix notification issues by clearing any temporary glitches or bugs. It may solve your issues about the Instagram Threads notifications not working.

Update Instagram Threads 

Make sure you have used the latest version of the Instagram Threads app installed from the official app store. Older versions might have compatibility issues. If your IG Threads app is not updated it may also be a reason for notifications not working on Instagram Threads.

Check Internet Connection

Check that you have a stable internet connection. Poor or no internet connectivity can affect the delivery of notifications. Check your phone’s data or Wifi speed whether it’s low or normal.

Reinstall Instagram Threads

You can uninstall the app and then again install the Instagram Threads app. This may solve IG Threads notifications not working Issues.

Disable Battery Optimization 

Disable battery optimization in your phone’s battery setting. Some phones have aggressive battery optimization settings that may restrict app background activities, including notifications.

Log Out and Log Into IG Threads

Log out of your Instagram Threads account and then login back in to refresh the app’s settings. This may fix your notifications not working on Instagram Threads.

After check following factors your IG Threads notification works properly. If you have any other problem related to changing IG Threads handle then read how to change Instagram Threads handle.

Why Are IG Threads Notifications Not Working On iPhone?

Some of the major reasons due to which your Instagram Threads notifications not working on your iPhone are mentioned below. Follow them to fix notifications not working on IG Threads issues.

  • Check your iPhone’s Notification Settings
  • Check iPhone Settings
  • Clear IG Threads Cache from your iPhone
  • Restart Your iPhone
  • Update Instagram Threads on your device.
  • Check Internet Connection.
  • Reinstall the Instagram Threads 
  • Disable your iPhones Battery Optimization
  • Log Out and Log Into Instagram Threads.

IG Threads Notifications Not Working On Desktop

There are several reasons why Instagram threads notifications not working on your desktop:

Notification Settings: Double-check your notification settings in the Instagram Threads app or website on your desktop. It’s possible that you’ve disabled notifications for IG threads, due to notifications not working on Instagram Threads.

Browser Notifications: If you are using Instagram Threads on a web browser, make sure that you have allowed browser notifications for Instagram Threads. You have to give the necessary permissions to your browser for allowing notifications.

 Update Instagram Threads: Check whether your Instagram Threads app or web browser is updated or not. The outdated version does not work properly and can be a cause for Instagram Threads notifications not working.

Check your Device Settings: Check your device’s notification settings. On some desktops, there are system-level settings that could block your IG Threads notifications.

Do Not Disturb Mode: Verify that your device is not in “Do Not Disturb” mode, it will silence all notifications.

Third-Party Extensions: If you have browser extensions or third-party software that affect notifications, they can affect your Instagram Thread’s notifications.

Server Issues: Sometimes, Instagram Threads experiences server-side problems, which can result in late or missing notifications.

Account Issues: If there are any issues such as violations of community guidelines with your Instagram Threads account, it can also result in Instagram Threads notifications not working.

Blocked or Muted Conversations: If you’ve blocked or muted specific users or conversations within Instagram Threads, you will not receive notifications from them.

After following above mentioned steps your IG Threads notifications works properly. If you want to make money from IG Threads visit earn money using Instagram Threads.

Why Are Notifications Not Working On IG Threads?

There is no feature like DM notification provided by Instagram Threads. If there is any update from IG Threads we will inform you.

Why Are Instagram Threads Notifications Not Showing On Apple Watch?

App Compatibility: The Instagram Threads app may not have been optimized to display notifications on the Apple Watch. Developers need to specifically enable this functionality to ensure notifications are delivered to the watch.

Notification Settings: On your iPhone watch, check the notification settings for Threads and ensure that notifications are allowed to be displayed on the Apple Watch. This may also be a reason for the Instagram Threads notification not working.

Apple Watch Connectivity: Ensure that your Apple Watch is properly connected to your iPhone. If the connection is not stable, notifications may not be sent correctly.

Instagram Threads Updates: Make sure both the Instagram Threads app and your Apple Watch’s software are up to date.


In conclusion, Instagram Threads notifications not working due to a setup issue, a network issue, or an app bug that blocks Instagram Threads notifications from working. Make sure the Threads app’s notification settings are enabled, and check your device’s settings to enable notifications. Restarting the app and device may help with the IG Threads notifications not working Issue. Most notifications not working on Instagram Threads issues should be fixed by following these points.

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