How To Remove Threads From Instagram Bio?

The new social media app, Thread, was developed by Meta. This app is similar to Twitter and has some better features. In this article, I will tell you how to remove Threads from Instagram bio.

As you know, Threads works in conjunction with Instagram. So, after joining Threads, a badge with a unique numeric value will appear on your Instagram bio, just below your profile name. 

But some people might find it annoying on their bio. So, you can remove it very easily. Read the article to learn how to remove Threads from Instagram bio.

Is Threads Badge Permanent In My Instagram Bio?

No, the Threads badge, which contains an “@” sign and some unique numerical values, is not a permanent thing on your Instagram bio. Moreover, you can remove it anytime you want.

So, if you find the Threads badge annoying in your Instagram bio, then remove it with the help of a very simple process. Read the article further to learn how to remove Threads from Instagram bio.

Remove Threads From Instagram Bio

How To Remove Threads Badge From Instagram Bio?

To join or create an account on Threads, you must have an Instagram account. Because both of these applications work hand in hand. Once you are done registering for your Threads account, you will be given a numerical badge. 

This unique badge consists of “@” and some numeric values, but some might find it annoying sometimes and wish to remove it. You can find this Thread badge just below your profile picture on your Instagram account.

But if you want to remove Threads from Instagram bio, then just follow the process mentioned below:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Then click on the profile icon to go to your profile.
  3. You can find the Threads badge just below your name on your profile.
  4. Now select the “Hide badge” option to remove Threads from your Instagram bio.

The Threads Badge is not a permanent thing, so you can remove or hide it anytime from your account. Makers have introduced this method so that people can follow them there too. If you want to know about Threads login then you can check Instagram Threads login. It is nothing but a simple way, by which you can increase your reach. 

Can You Get Threads Badge Back On Your Instagram Bio?

No, you can’t. Once you have removed the Threads Badge from your Instagram bio, you can’t bring it back. It is just a simple way to let people know that you have created an account on these social media applications.

So, once you take a measure to remove Threads from Instagram bio, you can’t undo it. So, you must think wisely before hiding it. It would be a better option to keep the Threads badge for a while in your Instagram bio to attract some followers on the other social media account.

Final Thoughts- Remove Threads From Your Instagram Bio

From the above article, you have learned that you can remove the Threads badge from your Instagram bio. Even the process of removing it is very easy and simple to perform. However, you have to keep in mind that once you remove it, you can’t get it back on your bio.

As a result, you should proceed with caution when removing Threads from your Instagram bio. Otherwise, there is no harm in doing so. We hope you have found this article related to removing Threads from Instagram bios useful.

Can You Permanently Remove Threads From Instagram Bio?

Yes, if you wish, you can remove the Threads from your Instagram bio permanently. Just press the Threads badge on your Instagram profile, and then you will get the option to “Hide Badge”.

By clicking on that, the Threads badge will be permanently removed from your Instagram account. So, it is a very simple and easy way to remove the badge.

What Does The Threads Badge Look Like In An Instagram Bio?

You can find the Threads badge just below the profile picture of your Instagram account. It consists of a “@” sign and a unique numerical value assigned to each user.

Can You See The Threads Badge After It Is Removed?

No, you can’t see the Threads Badge on your Instagram account after it is removed. The process of removing it from your Bio is permanent, so think twice before you do it.
Otherwise, it is not a big deal to have the Threads Badge in your account’s bio, and it is also very easy to remove Threads from Instagram bio.

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