Threads Vs Instagram 2023: Which Is Better?

Instagram vs Threads let’s find out which one is better. Threads is a very new app launched by Meta to give tough competition to Twitter. However, IG and Threads work in conjunction, but both platforms work independently. So, you might wonder which meta is better: Threads or Instagram? Then, don’t worry; we have brought you this article, Threads vs Instagram.

In this article, we have discussed all the features of both Instagram and Threads and their differences. As you know, you don’t have to pay to use Threads or Instagram. So, we are just going to compare their basic and important features.

Threads And Instagram: Introduction

Threads is a new app that has been developed and operated by Meta. This app is very similar to Twitter, where you can communicate with others with the help of posts, images, and texts. But Threads works in conjunction with Instagram. So, you would need an active Instagram account to join and use Threads.

Instagram is also a Meta app, with the help of which you can connect to a wider audience. In Threads vs Instagram, you can share and create posts. With the help of Instagram, you can increase the engagement of your business or startup. 

Instagram vs threads features

Instagram Vs Threads: Comparison

Both Threads and Instagram are social media applications that have been developed by Meta. You can use them to connect with the world. Each one of the apps has advantages and disadvantages that make it unique and better than others.

That’s why we have made this comparison of Threads vs IG. So, take a quick look at the comparison between Threads and Instagram.

Ease Of Use

It is very easy to use Threads compared to Instagram. Being a new app, Threads has an easier interface without many complications. Besides, it has easy and handy tools that can be used smoothly.

In the case of Instagram, it has a more complex structure and platform than Threads. It has many features and navigation options. On Instagram, you can find many features, like stories, posts, and searching other profile accounts, which makes it a bit complex to use. Still, there are many features on Instagram that are not known to the public or how they can be used.

In Threads vs Instagram, it has been clarified that the former is easier to use. So, definitely, you can consider Threads the winner.

Privacy Features

When it comes to the privacy of your account, both the apps Threads and Instagram are good. Because both of them provide the option of making your account either public or private. In a private account, you can make sure who you know to keep and who does not.

But Threads provide the advantage of sharing posts or updates only with a limited number of people. Whereas Instagram helps us connect with a wider audience. Instagram gives you the option to add stories to close friends, but you can’t post to close friends.

So, in terms of privacy features in Threads vs Instagram, the former has more private features. So, if you want a more private app with intimate features, then Threads is the one.

Close Friends Features

If we talk about the close friends feature, then Threads is the one you need. For a private interface, you have the Threads app that you can use. In the case of threads, you can decide with whom you want to share your videos, photos, and texts.

You can share posts, videos, and photos with a particular group of individuals. With Instagram, you won’t be able to share your videos and photos more privately, like on Threads. But Instagram gives a close friends list option where you can add people with whom you can share videos and photos.

Also, in the case of the close friends feature in Threads vs Instagram, you can consider the former the winner. Threads has better private features.


Any social media app is an amazing platform to earn money or increase the engagement of your business. You can consider Instagram the best platform to promote your business or products. This way, you can earn a lot of money from IG. Apart from promotion, there are many ways through which you can earn with Instagram.

In Instagram vs Threads, you don’t have many options to earn money or promote your business with the latter. So, you can’t use Threads as an effective platform to gain money or promote your stuff. But the other app is best for monetization.

In Threads vs Instagram, the latter is no doubt the winner. Instagram helps you engage with a wider audience. So, you can earn money through the promotion of your products or business, as said earlier

Basic Focus

Threads, being an app similar to Twitter, is more focused on texts. With the help of Threads, you can share texts containing information, news, or any message you want to share with the world. It’s also the best way to connect with your close friends and family because of the privacy features.

With Instagram, you can not only share texts but also videos and photos. The main objective or focus of Instagram is not just text but a wider range of videos and photos. You can convey your message to the world, your family, or your friends with better visualization.

Considering the criteria for the main focus in Threads vs Instagram, it is quite difficult to tell which one is better. In Threads, you can concentrate only on one factor. However, on Instagram, you can use the app in many ways, like in terms of videos, photos, or GIFs.

Type Of Audience

One of the most important criteria when comparing any social media platform is the target audience it wants to reach. Both apps (Instagram vs Threads) have different audiences for conveying their messages.

With Threads, you can create small amounts of followers with your friends and family, with whom you wish to share texts and posts. Threads is a better application as a private platform. But Instagram is made to connect with a wider audience, which helps with monetization.

So, while considering the factor of audience in Threads vs Instagram, you can’t decide which one is better. Every individual has their own preference of audience that they can choose between on Threads and Instagram. 

Status And Photo Features

In Instagram, you get two options when sharing a video, text, or photo in your stories. There is one option where you can share the story with your close friends, and the other is with everyone. This way, you can connect with everyone effortlessly.

When it comes to Threads, you can share your updates with your close friends for twenty-four hours. It also gives direct access to the camera, so you can just open the app, capture a moment, and share it with everyone you want without much effort. It ensures effortless and easy use of Threads.

So, from the above comparison of Threads vs Instagram, you have an idea of the features provided by both. Considering them, you can select any one of the apps to use or even both.

Other Important Features

There are numerous features that are provided by Threads and Instagram, and it is impossible to discuss them all in Instagram vs Threads. So, we have shortened it for your better understanding and comparison between Threads and IG.

Threads provide many additional features, like a live location tracker and reading receipts. But it lacks a search feature; it is just a search icon where you can search the names of the accounts. While compared to Instagram, it provides numerous features for its users, like shopping, live, stories, IGTV, and reels. These features serve the user’s interests better. 

With these additional feature criteria, we conclude a comparison between Threads vs Instagram. Instagram, no doubt, has better features that can increase the engagement of your audience on your page.

Summary Of Threads Vs IG Comparison

Let’s take a quick recap of the comparison we did in the last part of Instagram vs Threads:

AudienceSmaller audienceWider audience
FocusTextsVideos, texts, posts, photos, and GIFs
Close friendsYesNo
Monetization It doesn’t give many options through which you can earn money.You can earn money through sponsorships or promotions.
PrivacyBetter privacy features More of a public platform.
Search feature AbsencePresent
User InterfaceEasier interfaceDifficult to use 
Additional FeaturesLive location tracker and read receipts.Reels, IGTV, and Shopping

So, with this, the comparison of Threads vs Instagram comes to an end.

What Is The Difference Between Threads And Instagram?

Both Threads and Instagram are great social media applications, but they have many differences. Threads is more focused on your privacy, and you can choose to share your posts with as many people as you want. But compared to Instagram, it is a more public-oriented platform.  

Which Is Better For Close Friends Threads Or Instagram?

No doubt, for close friends or better privacy, Threads is way better than Instagram. Threads give you the choice to share your posts with only those you follow.  

Final Words: Threads Vs Instagram

Both Threads and Instagram have their own features and insolvencies. You are the one who has to decide which one is better and can be used. Otherwise, you can choose both of them, as there is no harm in doing so because the apps are free. However, if you want to dedicate your time only to one app, then choose one according to your convenience.

From the above comparison, you might have understood by now that Threads is more focused on a personal audience. But with Instagram, it’s exactly the opposite. It is better focused and designed to target a wider audience to convey your message. 

Which Is Better Between Instagram or Threads For Privacy?

You can consider Threads for privacy. When it comes to a more private and personal platform, you can choose Threads over Instagram.  

Is Threads Better Than Instagram?

No, it would be wrong to say that Threads is better than Instagram. Because Instagram is an old app but has many exciting new features.

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